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  • Join us at the Interzum Cologne exhibition in 2025 to discover our innovative products designed for height adjustable desks and smart desks. Our control boxes and handsets are the perfect match for a variety of columns, making them the ideal solution for height adjustable desks and smart desks.
  • We have been working with Frank for several years, and we have witnessed each other’s growth. In the future, we will continue to support you in your new projects and new markets and play an important role as a part of your perfect circle.
  • Control System for Height Adjustable Desk: Enhancing Ergonomics and ProductivityIntroduction:In today's fast-paced work environment, the importance of ergonomics cannot be overstated. With long hours spent at desks, it is crucial to ensure that employees have a comfortable and healthy workspace. One
  • John Frost recalled the story of creating the first lifting system for office desks, and said
  • Whether in the home, office or industrial fields, these intelligent lifting products make our lives better. Today
  • Please think calmly before buying a sit stand desk: How long do you work in front of the computer a day?
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We have invested in the field of intelligent office, motor drive, electric wheelchair and so on, and the intelligent office field has done very outstandingly.

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